"Compelling...Harrowing...FIRST TO FALL makes clear the disjointed structures of the rebellion,

its passions and dedications, as well as the occasional ignorance."

(8 out of 10, PopMatters)
- Cynthia Fuchs, Director of Film & Media Studies, George Mason University

"This film captures a unique moment in history, offering moving insights into the hearts of
young Libyans and their inspiration to fight for freedom…" 

- Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch, Executive Director, Middle East & North Africa Division

"One of the best documentaries I've seen on war, youth and innocence lost."
- Bernard McCoy, Associate Professor, Journalism & Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 


$295 Colleges & Universities (Four Year)
Includes Public Performance and Streaming Rights

$145 Community Colleges & Public Libraries
Includes Public Performance Rights

$95 High Schools
Includes Public Performance Rights



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Academic Uses

Film / Cinema Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science, History, International Relations. Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies. Human Rights, War & Conflict Reporting



Host a Screening

For large screenings (100+ people) and speaking engagements please contact firsttofall@marketroadfilms.com 



Public Performance and Streaming Licenses

• Licensee may show the film an unlimited number of times at the same campus as long as no admission is charged.
• Screening in a classroom or library, or to a public group of fewer than 100 people is permitted.
• If admission is charged or if the audience exceeds 100 people, please contact MARKET ROAD FILMS for open showing fees.

• This license grants Digital Rights to the host institution for the life of the originally-encoded file.
• Libraries are permitted to encode, host, and locally stream the licensed Content over a secure single server with password-protected connection to their users throughout a closed system.
• Access must be strictly limited to users affiliated with your specific campus. 

• Licensee shall not broadcast the film on any unauthorized distribution platform including but not limited to the following: Cable TV, Internet or Social Media platforms.
• Licensee shall not duplicate the film in part or whole.
• Licensee is not allowed to lend, sell or rent the film to a third party.
• Licensee is prohibited from editing or abridging the film in any way.
• Licensee will take reasonable action to ensure the film is not copied or distributed by any third party in association with a screening.