A story of Mama Nadi, a savvy businesswoman who, in the midst of a complex civil war, protects and profits from the women whose bodies have become battlegrounds. By Lynn Nottage and directed by Kate Whoriskey.

"In 2004 and 2005, I traveled to East Africa to conduct interviews with Congolese women fleeing the protracted armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The women I interviewed recounted raw and ugly tales of sexual violation and torture at the hands of both Rebel and Government militias. I found my play Ruined in their painful narratives, in the gentle cadences and the monumental space between their gasps and sighs. The women felt it was important to go on record, which is why my play is not about victims, but survivors."

-- Lynn Nottage




These portraits were taken by Tony Gerber, moments after the women shared their powerful stories.