First to Fall

Directed by Rachel Beth Anderson 
Produced by Tony Gerber 
Executive Producers: Mike Lerner, Brandon Litman

Starting in Benghazi, Libya during the first days of the uprising, moving to the frontlines of besieged Misrata, and finally to the gunfire celebrations in the liberated capital city of Tripoli, FIRST TO FALL focuses on the evolution of two young expatriate Libyan men returning home to participate in a bloody, chaotic revolution.

Neither Tarek Muhammed nor Hamid Fije have ever picked up a loaded gun, let alone fired at an enemy combatant. They represent an entire generation of young Libyan men who grew up playing snipers in the video game, Call of Duty, never expecting to become ones in real life. Their evolution from twenty-something civilians—young and idealistic-- to action-chasing soldiers is swift, brutal, and documented firsthand.

This is a story of selfless sacrifice, of transformation, of loss of innocence, and of rebellion in its purest, most passionate form.

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