Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World

directed by Tony Gerber and produced by Innbo Shim, Tom Yellin & The Documentary Group for CNN Films

WE WILL RISE is a CNN documentary special that follows the First Lady’s diplomatic trip to Morocco and Liberia, and features the stories of young, revolutionary women overcoming incredible odds to achieve their educational goals. Joined by Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and CNN’s Isha Sesay, the women highlight the struggles and triumphs of the estimated 62 million girls around the world currently not in school. Across the world, girls’ education is seen as a lower priority than boys’ education. When schools are far away, money is low, and society’s expectations for women are domestic, girls are forced to fight from a young age to achieve their dreams of strengthening their communities. In Liberia, the tragic effects of the ebola crisis inspire many to pursue medicine. In Morocco, young girls see the disadvantages their mothers and grandmothers face as a consequence of illiteracy and strive for better opportunities. The film takes an intimate look at the real-life stories of these girls, while highlighting the broader mission of the the First Lady’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative.



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